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We are Little Canvas Escape. A small-scale glamping on Ameland. Little Canvas Escape is located at an attractive spot of strandcamping Duinoord Zuid, in the middle of the dunes and a stone’s throw from the beautiful beach of the North sea on one of the most beautiful Wadden Islands. A place to relax and enjoy comfort, personal service and the unique charm of the island Ameland. Escape the everyday life at Little Canvas Escape.

We are your glamping on Ameland

Experience a unique holiday at our glamping on Ameland, which is a stone's throw from the sea. Say goodbye to busy life and walk new paths among the dunes at a luxury glamping, a place where you collect memories for later. As the Dutch poet Hans van Straten once said, "Living is collecting memories for later, to then really live them". We invite you to a "little escape" at a luxury campsite on Ameland. An escape to go back to basics and enjoy the freedom and nature. All this combined with the comfort that our glamping on Ameland entails. Walking barefoot in the cool morning grass, siestas in the sun, a dip in the North Sea, (re)discover your inner chef and make new connections. We provide a boutique-style tent with a comfortable and made-up bed. Complemented by a fridge, cooking facilities and a place to relax outside, this completes our glamping on the Wadden Islands. All this makes luxury camping by the sea an unforgettable experience, your own Little Canvas Escape.

Discover the area and its beautiful nature

At our glamping by the sea, you can do what you want or do things you don't want to do. Put your busy life on pause for a while. Enjoy long summer evenings and sunsets on the beach. Roast a good piece of meat or vegetarian treats on your BBQ, chat with other escapers staying at the glamping on the Wadden Islands and enjoy the surroundings. From experience, we can tell you that you can walk beautifully along the shell paths. Stimulate
your senses, make memories and discover the pristine beauty of the Wadden Islands.


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Glamping Ameland

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Yoga Retreat Ameland. 7-9 juli & 22-24 september.

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At the campsite you can use all the facilities that strandcamping Duinoord has to offer. Get away from it all and fully enjoy what Ameland has to offer. Book your stay easily online and we look forward to welcoming you to our glamping.

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