Ameland: for a lot of vitamin D
Peace and space, you will find that and more on Ameland. Ameland is the fourth island in the list of our own five
Waddeneilanden (Wadden Islands) and therefore the 'A' of the mnemonic 'TVTAS'. Is Ameland vibrant? Not really. Rippling? Oh yes. There is a wonderful island vibe and let's face it: as soon as you step on the boat in Holwerd, your holiday has started. After about 50 minutes on the boat, you arrive at the ferry port of Nes. From the ferry port it is a half hour walk or a 10-minute bike ride to Little Canvas Escape on strandcamping Duinoord Zuid. Bonus: this route runs right through the characteristic center of Nes, so you can explore it right away.

Discover Ameland by bike
The best way by far to discover Ameland is by bike. You can cross the entire island with the help of the perfectly laid out cycling routes. Through the dunes along the shell paths along the North Sea coast and back along the dike on the
Waddenzee coast. In between you settle down on a sunny terrace in Buren, Ballum or Hollum. Be sure to visit the iconic lighthouse from 1880 in Hollum. Due to the ever-present wind, cycling on Ameland can sometimes be quite tough. If you don't want to test your fitness too much (hey, you're on vacation after all), rent an e-bike or even better; an electric scooter.

Ameland goes culinary
All your senses will get their money's worth on Ameland and yes, so will your taste buds. Nice terraces alternate between brown bars and semi-hip grand cafés in the car-free center of Nes. But there are also cozy eateries in Buren, Ballum and Hollum. Are you in for a quick bite in Ameland style? Then visit Vishandel Metz in Nes or Hollum and order the Amelander Meerval fillet. This locally farmed fish with a meat-like texture is grilled for you on the spot. And especially the one with garden herbs has a delicious bite, highly recommended. Well, fish must
swim. So off to the Amelander Bierbrouwerij in Ballum. Beer has been brewed on this farm by Doeke and Eva for 12 years. Learn all about the beer brewing process during a guided tour and end it with (how could it be otherwise) a beer tasting. Cheers!

Who the f*ck is Rixt?
Everywhere on Ameland you come across this name: Rixt. Restaurants, shops, houses, streets and so on. And if it is not the name Rixt, then it is Sjoerd. Who are these Rixt and Sjoerd? And why are they apparently so important to Ameland? Read the story about the legend of the witch of Ameland and her son here.